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We would not be overexaggerating by saying that there are thousands of ways to advertise your business online. Many small businesses and startups tend to prefer some free methods to promote their businesses and websites. Frankly, based on our experience with hundreds of case studies, no good results will ever come for free.

Some of the most effective forms of online paid advertising are: pay per click (PPC), display advertising, and social media advertising. Choosing the best type for your business depends on many factors. Social media might be enough for some businesses, while video marketing might be essential for others.

PPC is by far the most effective method but not necessarily the cheapest. In the major search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, you notice a sponsored section on the first page of your search results. Those are usually PPC ads served to you by the search engines. The advertiser has targeted a keyword that you happen to search for; therefore, the search engine shows you the ad as a relevant result for your search term. The advertiser will pay for every unique click he gets from that ad. PPC is very effective because you will be targeting an interested potential customer who is already searching for a similar product or service that you are now offering. So, when your ad shows up while your prospect is searching for something similar, the odds are very high that the user will click and interact with your landing page.

Display advertising is the most classic and the oldest type of online web advertising. A display advertisement is simply a banner placed in a specific space with a standard dimension that is located on a certain web page for an agreed period of time. There are thousands of display advertising networks and opportunities out there, but not all of them are beneficial to your business.

We rely on our experts to find the best display advertising package for your business to ensure that you spend your budget wisely with the highest possible return of investment. Our services include searching for the best opportunities and networks to promote with, negotiating prices and terms, designing your banners and ads, and managing and tracking your campaigns.

Social media advertising, on the other hand, has become more effective in the last years. With all the targeting tools that the major platforms are offering, you can easily target your preferred audience. The biggest social media players nowadays are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Of course, the right platform for you really depends on your niche and your business goals.

When it comes to online promotion, we need to fully understand your market and your potential customers. What are your goals, and what is your budget for those goals? With this knowledge, we will then be able to choose which form of online advertising would serve your business needs and build an effective advertising plan that will achieve your business goals and target specific prospects.

For each type and form of online advertising, there are many high-quality advertising networks that have proved to be the best in their specific specialty and for certain niches due to the type of audience they serve ads to and the targeting options that are available to us to use. That is why a basic business needs analysis is a vital step before spending your budget in the dark. Advertising online without planning is literally like throwing money on the street. We spend five figures every year on behalf of our clients.

We invite you to take advantage of our non-obligatory, free consultation to give you our opinion on your upcoming business goals and how we could help you achieving them.