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Affiliate marketing exists as the first concept of business in many forms and types in most industries. It is fair to describe affiliate marketing as a type of partnership on the basis of sales.

Affiliates are people who opt in to refer customers to your business in exchange for a small portion of your sales. So, your business will only be paying commissions to the referrer who got you sales.

Your business will be able to spread and reach another level with the help of the affiliate marketers.
There are many options to enable affiliate marketing in your business, especially when most of your business tasks and sales are done online.

One option is to join a respected affiliate network and pitch prospective affiliates with your offer to attract and encourage them to bring you sales. The professional affiliates who are on those networks are manually vetted and screened to ensure that you will not have any negative experiences. We know exactly which of those large networks will work best for your industry.

Another option is to build your own online affiliate system where anyone can opt in to bring you sales in exchange for a commission.
Profigain can help you in all the aspects of this marketing channel. We will set up and manage your affiliate marketing campaigns, whether by using affiliate networks or your own system. Our services include, but are not limited to, affiliate network account setup, copywriting and campaign creation, landing page design and conversion optimization, banner creation, tracking system setup, private affiliate system setup, and more.